Proflex shaped hot melt glue sticks
Total Melt, Cartridge & Bulk Hot Melt Systems

AdCo offer a comprehensive range of total-melt, cartridge, and bulk systems, including:


The MS200 applies hot melt in the form of 43mm slugs, granules and pillows. It does not require compressed air and with 600 watts power it is ready to go in 5 minutes. Application temperature is adjustable up to 200 °C.

HUBNER MS150ms150.jpg

Suitable for use with granular and pillow form hot melt adhesives. A variable thermostat allows for application temperatures of 60°C to 190 °C. A range of nozzles is also available, as is a pre-melt tank to speed up heating times.

tr.jpgTR Series

The TR Series of glue guns allows for the application of hot melts in granular, pillow, slug and PUR hot melts in cartridge form. Bead or swirl spray guns are available.

hot melt adhesive tank nordson DuraBlue 4L SystemBULK APPLICATORS

AdCo, have for several years been a distributor for Nordson, and were one of the first in the UK to offer their new DuraBlue® system of hot melt applicators, for bead or swirl spray applications The DuraBlue® is a robust and functional tank system, with a variety of tank capacities from 4 to 100 litres, and even the basic entry level system is capable of running two hoses and guns.

These totally electric melter units have digital displays of all heating zones, and features which include self diagnostic checks and times for automatic daily start-up. Demonstrations of the bead or swirl spray applicators available upon request.

Steinel PURGlue 50steinelgluegun.jpg

A unique cordless hot melt adhesive system, that offers not only a compact and cost effective applicator, but all the benefits of the latest reactive polyurethane hot melt (PUR) technology, with its capability of giving high performance structural bonds to a wide variety of substances.


The PURGlue 50 system utilises a re-sealable adhesive cartridge, which includes a ball-check valve in the nozzle for precise applications. The PURGlue 50 gun can be used in cordless and can be used for up to 20 minutes without the need to re-heat Re-heating stations are also available for continual adhesive applications.

PUR adhesives have all the fast setting advantages of hot melt adhesives, and upon ageing the adhesive reacts with moisture in the substrates to give a high performance structural bond, that is resistant to many chemicals and stable at temperature from -40°c to +100°c. PURGlue 50 is suitable for interior and exterior applications.

AdCo (UK) Ltd, and its appointed agents, are the UK's exclusive distributors for the Steinel PURGlue 50 System.

Please contact us regarding your adhesive requirements where our friendly, dedicated and experienced sales or technical team will be pleased to help you.