Proflex Crafts & DIY Hot Melt Glue Guns

A selection of our crafts & DIY glue guns is listed below:

HM12 SIM 100W 12mm Hot Melt Glue GunHM12_100W.jpg

Ideal for light-duty work, this lightweight and compact professional glue gun features a soft rubber handle with a slim-grip design for ease of use.

The Cool Tool 8mm Cool Melt Glue Guncooltool_gun_iimni.jpg

The CoolTool™ is a "finger friendly" cordless battery powered glue gun that uses "ultra low" temperature glue sticks. Ideal for use by crafters and school children.

Manufactured by Adhesive Technologies, Inc. and part of their True Cordless™ technology, using the specially formulated Ultra Low Temperature™ glue sticks operate at only 75°C makes the CoolTool™ finger tip friendly, and suitable for bonding paper, card, fabrics, foams and wood in just 20 seconds.

Please click here for more information regarding this unique tool

Rapid EG-130 12mm Low Melt Glue GunPrincess_EG-130.jpg

The EG-130 glue gun which is manufactured by Rapid is a unique tool for use in the Education industry. The EG-130 with the also very unique Proflex Oval Low Temperature Glue Sticks will safely bond a wide variety of materials in seconds.

Rapid Point 8mm Hot Melt Glue GunPoint.jpg

A new mini glue gun with 'cordless' use option which uses the Proflex 8mm glue sticks available in various colours including glitter & glow in the dark formulations. Simply detach the power cord for up to 5 minutes 'cordless use' and to reheat, reconnect the mains cord.
The precision nozzle allows for precise glue applications. Ideal for craft use.

Rapid EG-106 8mm Hot Melt Glue GunRapid_EG-106.jpg

Designed to suit the requirements of the craft and hobbyist which uses the Proflex 8mm glue sticks available in various colours including glitter & glow in the dark formulations. The Rapid EG-106 is rated at 25watt and is trigger activated delivering a glue output of 120g/hour. Suitable for making decorations, picture framing and model making.

ESK80W.JPGSALKI 80W 12mm Hot Melt Glue Gun

Compact light weight 12mm glue gun. 80W heaters, 3 finger trigger and collapsible stand.

SIM 100W
Stick Size (mm)
 7-8 11-12  11-12  Oval  Cool Tool sticks only  7-8 
 80W 80W  100W  100W  25W 
Fixed Thermostat (°C)
 190 195  195  130  24  180 
Adjustable Thermostat (°C)
 -  -
Thermostat Modules (°C)
 -  -
Output Capacity (kg / hr)
 <0.3 0.8  1> <0.3  100g
Trigger (Finger Pull)
 I  3  4  1
On / Off Switch
 N  N
Integral / Collapsible Stand
 I C

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