Adhesive Applicators & Glue Guns
Hot Melt Application Systems

AdCo (UK) Limited are specialists in the application of hot melt adhesives for all industrial applications. From light to heavy usage, from small to large output demand, from hand to automatic applications. AdCo can supply and advise on the most cost effective and efficient methods of applying hot melt adhesives.
Whenever you want to update your adhesive system, or require a different hot melt, AdCo will be pleased to assist you with sound technical and commercial advice.
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Total Melt, Cartridge & Bulk Systems

AdCo offer a comprehensive range of total-melt, cartridge, and bulk systems.
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PVA, UF Resin & Polyurethane Glue Spreaders

Specially designed for the application of solvent contact adhesives, the serrated comb applicator allows for even application. Can also be used on narrow edges by using the reducing slide.

Contact Adhesive Glue Spreaders

Lightweight and easy to use, the trough feed roller glue spreader applies an even coating to large or small areas with PVA, UF Resins, polyurethanes and water based adhesives.

Please contact us regarding your adhesive requirements where our friendly, dedicated and experienced sales or technical team will be pleased to help you.