Engineering Adhesives

Cyanoacrylates, Anaerabics & Threadlockers

A full range of structural and engineering adhesives.

Lockfast Engineering Adhesives

LockFast engineering adhesive

A full range of Engineering, Bonding and Support products. Please click here to view the range of products

Procure consists of a range of premier technology instant adhesives packaged in user friendly bottles in 3 standard sizes 20g 50g and 500g.

Product Code
PC01 Difficult surface bonder / super fast
PC03 Low odour, low bloom, high viscosity
PC06 Preferred rubber bonder
PC08 Low odour, low bloom, low viscsosity
PC09 Gel: note only in 20g size
PC15 Medium high viscosity general bonder
PC16 Medium high viscosity plastic bonder
PC20 Low viscosity general bonder
PC22 Very high viscosity (slow curing )
PC24 Medium viscosity plastic bonder
PC50 Medium - High viscosity general bonder
PC60 Low odour, low bloom, medium visc
PC80 Black Rubber toughened
PC82 High temperature bonder (120?c)
PL750 Standard activator
PL 780 Plastic safe activator use on white upvc
PL 790 Fast activator
PC 95 Low - Medium general bonder


Thread locking

Screwlock, nutlock, studlock we have a complete range of threadlockers to suit every application.

Retaining range

Anaerobic retainers are covered by six grades of various strength & viscosities .

Gasketing range

High strength, flexible & general purpose anaerobic gasket makers are available .

Sealing range

A comprehensive range of Hydraulic & pipe sealants available.


Over 30 grades of high quality cyano available in this prestigious range available to cyanotec.

Activators, Primers & Cleaners

A full range of cyano & anaerobic activators supplemented by a cyano de-bonder, polyofin primer plus a safety cleaner/degreaser.

UV range

From Glass bonding to medical device technology we have a complete range of UV adhesives.

Structural Adhesives

Epoxy & structural acrylics available.


The premier wood bonding system for the kitchen and bedroom fitter and many other uses. Mitre mate will bond most types of wood (except oily hard wood) in under 30 seconds removing the need for clamps or other holding devices. The bond is usually stronger than the wood so any type of joint can be bonded with confidence .

The product is packed as a kit adhesive and activator in the correct proportions for most applications .

The 3 step system

  1. Spray activator to one surface and allow to dry (10 secs).
  2. Apply enough adhesive to the other surface.
  3. Hold together for 30 seconds.

If you need more time to align the joint Mitre Mate adhesive can be used alone. This will allow more time to assemble the parts but it will still cure in under 5 minutes.

Mitre Mate kits are packaged in convenient point of sale display boxes and are supplied in 2 sizes:
Mitre Mate Classic: 50g adhesive & 200ml activator
Mitre Mate Max: 100g adhesive & 400ml activator

Please contact us regarding your adhesive requirements where our friendly, dedicated and experienced sales or technical team will be pleased to help you.