Contact Adhesives

Contact adhesives are rubber based products usually made of natural or synthetic rubbers in a solvent solution. The solvents can be flammable or non-flammable, and some water based products are available.

The selection of the correct contact adhesive depends on the application method to be used, the substrates to be bonded and the end use of the finished item.

Usually contact adhesives are applied to both substrates to be bonded and left to become touch dry before the coated items are brought into contact with each other and pressure is applied.

Contact adhesives can bond a wide variety of solid and porous materials.

A selection of our extensive range is listed below:

Alpha Thixofix

Alpha Thixofix contact adhesive has been developed for the specific aim of making simple, the bonding of laminated plastics to wood and other substrates, whilst maintaining the well proven efficiency of ordinary contact adhesives.

Apollo A26

Apollo A26 is a cream coloured, brushable, general purpose contact adhesive. It exhibits excellent adhesion to most surfaces and has good heat resistance. Bonds may be made over a wide range of open times because of its fast flash off and long open time.
'Non-soak-in' properties make it particularly suitable for edge bonding.
A26 is used extensively for automotive trim application, bonding decorative laminates to wood and wood composites in the kitchen furniture industry, and generally for bonding plastics (not expanded polystyrene or plasticised PVC), metals, leather, rubbers and urethane foams.

Apollo A2344

Apollo A2344 is a readily brushable, fast drying, high performance contact adhesive. Although specifically designed for automotive trim bonding applications where high heat resistance is required, it is a versatile product can be used for the bonding of decorative laminates to wood and wood composites, the bonding of insulation materials to metal and for bonding miscellaneous rubbers and plastics both to each other and to other substrates.
In the automotive industry it is used for bonding PVC leather-cloth, leather and fabrics to painted/primed steel or to polyurethane foam, for bonding rubber door seals and for bonding sound deadening materials to door, roof, bonnet and boot panels. In commercial vehicles it can be used for bonding rubber or carpet type flooring materials and also decorative laminates.
A2344 has considerably higher heat resistance than normal single-part contact adhesives without the excessively short open time which is usually associated with higher performance products.

Apollo A3416

Apollo A3416 is a sprayable, high heat resistance contact adhesive exhibiting fast solvent flash off and a long open tack time.
It demonstrates excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates such as wood, decorative laminates, polyurethane foam, elastomers, plastics and metals.
In particular, the excellent hot bond strength of Apollo A3416 makes it suitable for the postforming of decorative laminates onto chipboard and MDF cores, using a wide range of static and continuous post-forming equipment e.g. Evans Rotork, Brandt Static, Bonding Systems

Apollo A52

Apollo A52 is a high strength, easily spreadable adhesive developed essentially for bonding all types of thermal insulation materials (especially expanded polystyrene) to painted and unpainted steel aluminium and galvanised ducting. It also has good adhesion to wood composites, plaster board and smooth concrete.
The solvent content has been specifically formulated to give minimum cell attack on the surface of expanded polystyrene when used as detailed below.
A52 has a proven record of reliability with many years of service in a variety of industries (e.g. insulation, construction, automotive, boat building) and in addition to the applications above has also been used for bonding carpeting materials, rubber mates, felt & fabrics.

Apollo A8410

Apollo A8410 is a high solids, non-flammable, low pressure, sprayable synthetic rubber based adhesive designed primarily for applications in the foam conversion, upholstery and furniture industry.
Apollo A8410 exhibits fast drying characteristics, aggressive tack, a long bond range, high bond strength and provides an economical and efficient means of bonding non-structural components.
As well as being suitable for bonding flexible foams to each other, Apollo A8410 is also recommended for bonding foam to metal, chipboard, hardboard and GRP etc and for the attachment of furnishing fabrics such as hessian, felt, polyester and other upholstery padding materials. It has also been used for bonding a wide range of insulation materials to metal ducting etc.


Bostik 1782 (Clear) Adhesive is a general purpose adhesive, the dried film of which is virtually colourless and non-staining. Bostik 1782 (Clear) Adhesive is of medium viscosity and provides a strong bond which has good chemical and temperature resistance and excellent ageing properties.


EVO-STIK 3353 is a single component, sole attaching adhesive designed to have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials used in the footwear industry. It has good water resistance, green strength and spotting tack, combined with a quick drying solvent for high speed production on modern track systems.


Bostik 3851 Adhesive is a translucent grey, natural rubber solution in petroleum solvents.


EVO-STIK 5696 is a solvented contact adhesive which can be applied by hot or cold techniques, it has excellent hot spraying properties, is fast drying and gives a rapid build up of adhesion. The resultant bonds have good durability and excellent heat resistance.


EVO-STIK 613 is a Toluene free solvented contact adhesive exhibiting high initial grab. It can be easily applied by brush or spreader; the resultant bonds give excellent bond strength, high shear strength and good temperature resistance.


EVO-STIK 613TX is a thixotropic, non-drip contact adhesive, which is clean, and easy to apply, being non-drip it is ideal for use on vertical as well as horizontal surfaces. The resultant bonds give excellent bond strength and good temperature resistance.


EVO-STIK SAFE 80 is a non-flammable polychloroprene rubber latex based adhesive, which changes from white to clear when dry. It is economical in use and gives excellent bond strength and good heat resistance.

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