Akzo Nobel's Wood Adhesive's UF, MUF & PRF Resin Systems

AdCo’s wood adhesives include the full range of UF Resins, MF Resins, MUF Resins, PRF Adhesive Systems, EPI and emulsion systems from Akzo Nobel’s Casco Adhesive division.

UF Adhesives

Urea-Formaldehyde adhesives can be used for various applications within the furniture and wood working industry. Among our products you can find adhesives with extremely low content of free formaldehyde. The urea-formaldehyde adhesives are used together with hardeners. 

PVAc Adhesives

PVAc adhesives are mainly to be used for assembly gluing within the furniture and wood working industry, for gluing of board on frame, doweling, veneering and gluing of lamellas ect.

EPI Adhesives

EPI adhesives used together with a hardener give glue joints a very high resistance to moisture, heat and solvents. Examples of application areas are small dimension, laminated beams, window frames, exterior doors and table tops.

MUF Adhesives

Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde adhesives and intended for use in the wood working industry, where there is demand for high water   resistance. Examples of such applications are shuttering boards, door production, window frames and garden furniture.

MUF / MF Adhesives

Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde (MUF) and Melamine-Formaldehyde (MF) adhesives are always in conjunction with a hardener. They can either be cold or warm cured. MUF/MF   adhesives have been developed for the production of laminated beams, finger joints and block boards. They can also be used for other types of applications in the wood working industry, where there is demand for high water and weather resistance.

PRF Adhesives

Phenol-resorcinol adhesives give glue joints that are completely weather resistant. They are used in the production of structural elements and finger joints. To be used together with a hardener.

Machine Equipment

AdCo in conjunction with Casco can supply a wide range of equipment such as mixers, applicators, coolers and equipment for handling waste water.

Conditions for correct gluing

  • Correct adhesive
  • Newly planed wood (especially for hard and oily wood)
  • Correct moisture in the wood
  • Correct temperature in the wood and the working area
  • Use a scale when dosing the adhesive and hardener
  • Spread the correct quantity of adhesive
  • Apply the adhesive double-side for hard and oily woods
  • Adapt the pressure- regarding surface, material and type of adhesive
  • Keep the temperature of the press within the limits described in the product information for each system.

Please contact us regarding your adhesive requirements where our friendly, dedicated and experienced sales or technical team will be pleased to help you.