Veneering with Casco

The full range of Casco's Cascorit low formaldehyde UF Resins for veneering and panel laminating are now available from AdCo.

Casco Products, part of the famous Akzo Nobel group, has over 70 years experience in adhesives with operations or manufacturing facilities in over twelve European countries. In each country, including the UK, they have a Technical Adviser dedicated to their full range of timber bonding adhesives.

Casco have adhesive for all operations with in the joinery and furniture manufacturing industries.  One area of specialist experience is that of veneering and panel laminating, where they have pioneered a range of low formaldehyde resins with a range of liquid hardeners.

The Cascorit range of low formaldehyde resins and liquids hardeners have the following advantages over other systems:

  • Low formaldehyde levels
  • Low odour
  • Safer to use in the work place
  • Better for the environment 
  • Low viscocity to increase coverage
  • Easy to mix with less wastage
  • Choice of hardeners to suit your pressing requirements

Casco have also produced their own range of mixing and metering equipment for glue spreaders and finger jointers.

All the Cascorit resins and liquid hardeners are available in pack sizes of 5kg, 25kg, 250kg and 1300kg IBC's.

Other adhesive systems from the Casco range distributed by AdCo include:

  • Cascomin MUF adhesive and hardeners
  • Cascosinol Resorcinol resin systems
  • Cascorit EPI adhesives
  • Casco polyurethane adhesives
             Casco, AdCo and you..................
                                  The winning combination

Please contact us regarding your adhesive requirements where our friendly, dedicated and experienced sales or technical team will be pleased to help you.