New Products

These are a few of AdCo's new range of products

Thermo-Film 616 Heat Reactive Adhesive Film

Thermo-Film 616 is easy to use and can be reactivated in a heated press or with a domestic iron, and is suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials including: wood veneers, plastic laminate, leather, plastic films, foams and fabrics.
Thermo-Film 616 can be easily cut into shapes with scissors or a sharp craft knife.

Technical Specification:
Adhesive:             100gsm modified EVA hot melt adhesive
Liner:                    Kraft release paper
Softening Point:    80°C


Ensure that all surfaced a re clean, dry and free of all contamination.
Tack bond the adhesive film to one substrate by applying heat and pressure through the kraft release liner. Allow to cool and then peel of the liner before positioning the second substrate. Re-apply heat and pressure to activate the adhesive. Allow sufficient cooling of the bonded item before stressing or flexing the bond.
Optimum bonds are achieved with firm pressure and a glue line temperature of 80°C to 110°C.

For further information please contact our sales or technical departments via our contact us page

Adhesive Cleaners

We have introduced 2 new adhesive cleaners to aid the clean-down of wet adhesives from application equipment.

Cleaning Agent 4450

This has been specially developed to aid the cleaning, and to reduce clean down times, of wet UF resin, PVA emulsion, VAE emulsion and Acrylic emulsion adhesives from glue spreaders. Simple applied a line of Cleaning Agent 4450 to each application roller prior to draining any product away, and leave rollers running for 3 – 5 minutes. Then commence your cleaning procedure in the normal way. Cleaning Agent 4450 will make cleaning easier the cleaning of the rollers easier and help preserve their working life.

Heavy Duty Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaner is a high ph detergent especially developed for the cleaning of applicator system using Resorcinol (PRF) adhesive systems. Used like a conventional detergent the high pH value of this product prevents the Resorcinol from curing during clean down, and will help prolong the serviceable life of application and mixing equipment.

Please contact us regarding your adhesive requirements where our friendly, dedicated and experienced sales or technical team will be pleased to help you.