AdCo increases it's range of portable spray adhesives with Tuskbond & TensorGrip

AdCo intoduces a new concept in adhesive application with the self contained portable spray system that can be used in the workshop or on site.

The superior bond strength and exceptional tack makes these products an excellent choice for permanent bonding applications. They can be easily applied via the self contained portable spray system.  After application the adhesive dries in 2-3 minutes, giving exceptional tack and high shear strength and this coupled with high level of heat resistance makes this adhesive suitable for woodwrking and laminating applications.


  • High solid contents
  • Long open time
  • Bond workable after as little as 2 minutes
  • Low coating weights
  • Self contained portable spray system
  • Can be used in the workshop or on site
  • High immediate bond strength
  • High temperature resistance

Canister spray adhesives were originally designed for use with high pressure laminates and are suitable for many industrial applications where the bonding of a variety of materials is required. They are also suitable for bonding materials including:

  • Wood and timber based products
  • High pressure laminates
  • Most metals
  • ABS and moulded PVC
  • Fibre glass
  • Insulation materials
  • Fabrics
  • ......................... and many more

Please contact us regarding your adhesive requirements where our friendly, dedicated and experienced sales or technical team will be pleased to help you.