Nordson DURAblue Systems

AdCo, who have for several years been a leading UK distributor for Nordson's Slautterback range of bulk hot melt applicators, are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Nordson's new DURAblue and DURAblue L hot melt systems

41.gifNew from Nordson, the DURAblue and DURAblue L hot melt adhesive bulk melters, all electric technology for outstanding durability and value. DURAblue and DURAblue L are ideal for automated or manual handgun operations for packaging and product assembly applications.

All the DURAblue and DURAblue L melters can be fitted with either the AD31, AD41 and AD41 Swirl Spray, and B900-N foot pedal operated applicators.


  • Available in tank capacities of 4, 10, 16, 25, 50 and 100 kilos
  • Fixed speed AC drive, and gear pumps with low and high pressure outputs
  • Low pressure operation and large nozzles reduce wear and tear on equipment for less maintenance
  • At a glance systems status and temperature monitoring
  • 2-4 gun operations
  • A 7 day clock allows automatic daily start-up
  • Compatible with most existing Nordson and Slautterback electric guns and hoses

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Hand Held Glue Gunsad-41_hand_gun_nordson_hot_melt_adhesive.jpg

Series AD-41 Handguns

Ergonomically designed, easy-to-operate handguns reduce worker fatigue while increasing the range of pattern applications and operation functions.

Nordson Series AD-41 Handguns combine ease of operation with a wide range of pattern nozzles to give you additional application options on the production line. Changing spray patterns is simply a matter of changing nozzle adaptors. Switching from standard extrusion nozzles to different pattern nozzles such as the spray, swirl and down-apply extrusion nozzles is easy using quick-connect adapters. The handgun also features 360-degree swivel action to handle a multitude of product assembly and sealing applications.

The balanced handgrip and smooth pivot action provide comfortable operation all day long - an important detail that really matters when looking for consistent accuracy.

Trigger switching of the compressed air line easily accommodates a variety of application requirements. You can control on-off activity of the air flow and adhesive flow simultaneously with the single handgun trigger (requires the Air Control Kit).

The handgun's internal RTD (resistance temperature detector) ensures the hot melt temperature remains consistent as it flows through the gun as well as when flow (usage) is intermittent. Operating temperatures ranginf from 130˚C to 450˚F (55˚C to 230˚C) can be selected to accommodate a wide variety of adhesive and substrate properties.

Safety features include an impact-resistant shell and ''ever cool'' handle. Also, a thumb safety whitch allows you to lock the trigger preventing accidental dispensing. The gun is shipped fully assembled - no wiring or assembly required at installation.

Designed with the operator in mind, the lightweight Series AD-41 Handguns stand up to the most demanding applications. Durable hose connectors, nozzle adapters and internal components provide long service life.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomic design offers greater operator comfort for increased productivity and reduced physical stress.

  • Balance handgrip features ''ever cool'' design to promote easy handling and dispensing at any angle.

  • A variety of standard and application-specific nozzles with varying orifice diameters meet numerous application requirements.

  • 360˚C swivel connector permits smooth operation, even at 1500 psi.


Advanced-Technology RTD Hot Melt Hoses

Nordson AD31 Hand Gun

Advanced Hose Technology Advanced-Technology RTD Hot Melt Hoses

Nordson advanced-technology hot melt hoses are the industry standard for consistent temperature control and safe operation. Designs include RTD-style hoses for Nordson systems and TC Series hoses for Meltex systems. Advanced-technology hoses extend performance and durability using Nomex aramid insulation. This feature, along with thermal-sensing accuracy, automated manufacturing and parallel ground paths, provides unmatched performance, durability and safety.

  • Aramid insulation protects system components by significantly improving chemical resistance and moisture insensitivity.
  • Chlorine-free aramid fiber eliminates gun hardware corrosion caused by emissions at elevated temperatures.
  • Insulation retains hose flexibility, and electrical and mechanical properties well beyond system operating temperatures. Insulation will not melt or support combustion in the air.
  • Four layers of overlapped, aramid-felt insulation increase thermal efficiency, control heat loss, improve durability and reduce external temperature.
  • Nordson RTD-style and TC Series Pt100 (RTD) hoses feature area sensors that use temperature averaging over a set hose length to generate a reliable reading of hot melt temperature.
  • TC Series thermocouple (TC) hoses use point sensors at a discrete point. Automated manufacturing maintains consistent thermocouple positioning for accurate and consistent temperature readings.
  • Precision fabrication and calibration prior to assembly ensure that resistance and control values match, eliminating the need for temperature control calibration at installation.
  • Low watt-density heating elements reduce hot spot potential that can cause char.
  • Closely spaced wraps deliver efficient and uniform heat transfer for controlled startup and consistent flow rates.
  • Two separate ground paths protect personnel from injury and equipment from damage.
  • Dedicated low-resistance ground reduces the possibility of high-impedance faults.
  • Electrical connections use make-first, break-last pins at the gun and unit ends to prevent powering the hose or gun without ground connection.
  • Automatic and manual hoses are available. RTD-style waterwash hoses are available with IP67 rated plugs and sealed cuffs at the gun end. RTD-style high-flex hoses are also available for robotic and articulated operations.

Accessories include brackets, inline filters, fittings, hoses protectors, suspension support, and corrugated and braided covers.

Nomex is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company.

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