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Structural Adhesives

Structural Acrylics

Structural acrylics were developed for demanding applications that require high tensile, shear and peel strength as well as maximum shock and impact resistance. They offer fast fixture and cure at room temperature providing a solution to the continuous demands for increased line speeds while decreasing the manufacturing costs that are associated with heat curing. They are suitable for bonding a wide variety of substrates offering great material selection, bonding materials such as metals, glass and composites plastics.

ReactaCure Acrylic FF/SS

General Description
ReactaCure Acrylic FS/SS is a two part ‘A&B’ component system, which is fast setting when mixed via a static mix nozzle at room temperatures. Because it is a high viscosity non-sagging material, the mixed material is ideal for all types of gap filling requirements on steel, aluminium, polycarbonates and general plastics. It is also very good on vertical surface bonds, exhibiting excellent structural strength even without priming the surfaces. Because of its macro structure the bonds show excellent durability, high peel strength (even in big gaps) and excellent solvent and environmental resistance.

Typical uses of ReactaCure Acrylic FS/SS
Structural joining of metals, plastics, composite bonding and on ceramics where a high impact strength is required. Applications include wind turbine, vehicle roofs, fibreglass, sports goods, automotive spoilers, venting/ducting and housing. ReactaCure Acrylic FS/SS is not recommended on Mirror Finish Stainless Steel.

Mixed Properties





Pale yellow paste

Pale yellow paste

Working Time

5 minutes

20 minutes

Fixture Time

12 - 15 minutes

30 - 50 minutes

Mix Ratio



ReactaCure Acrylic FS/SS is not recommended on Mirror Finish Stainless Steel.

Structural Epoxy

ReactaCure Structural Epoxy

ReactaCure Rapid is a fast setting two part epoxy resin that exhibits good room temperature cure. It is supplied in a twin pack syringe that does not require a gun for application. ReactaCure Rapid Epoxy will bond many substrates including but not limited to concrete, brickwork, metals, glass, woods, plastics and ceramics. Other materials may require trials before large production runs.
Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free from dust, grease, oil and loose material. Product is normally applied by hand, Cut off end and extrude even amounts and mix, then apply.

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