18mm Hot Melt Glue Sticks


Proflex Shaped Hot Melt Glue Sticks

AdCo over several years have established a reputation for adhesive excellence, especially in the field of hot melt glue sticks.

AdCo Proflex is a range of hot melt adhesives in shaped sticks & slugs for use in various applicators ranging from 8mm to 43mm diameter.

Proflex Hot Melt Glue Sticks

  Description Colour Open Time Hot Tack Softening Point Viscosity Diameter
Grade     Seconds   °C Poise MM
900 General purpose packaging grade Yellow 15-30 High 105 25-55 12,15,18,43
905 Multi-purpose grade with high tack Tan 25-45 High 102 27-55 12,15,18,43
970 General purpose clear grade. Aggressive tack Clear Up to 60 V/High 95 75-110 12,15,18,43
975 High performance clear grade Clear Up to 60 V/High 98 70-120 12,15,18,43
980 Flexible with high tack and medium open time Translucent Yellow 20-40 V/High 91 35-55 12,15,18,43
985 High performance grade for difficult surfaces Tan 20-40 V/High 90 45-90 12,15,18,43

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